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"The Watertank Cleaning Company"


Mobile: 0428 594 565
E-mail: info@watertankcleaning.com.au

Having cleaned out numerous rain water tanks over the years by first emptying the water out and then having to get in to shovel the build up of sediment, containing everything imaginable from dirt & leaves, worms, snails, dead birds, rodents, possums, snakes etc., into a bucket and then hauling it up through the manhole to be dumped out on the ground, we felt ; 

After many years of trial and error, we finally came up with our unique Australian Trademarked invention that enables us to clean the floor of a domestic rain water tank while it is still FULL of water, without disturbing the remaining water and with minimal water loss. We can also do the same if the tank is low on water.

We are cleaning specialists of all types of domestic water storage tanks used for drinking water. These include concrete, plastic, poly, fibreglass, & galvanised iron water tanks. We can improve poor water quality; ie. smelly, bad tasting, tainted, or discoloured drinking water, and guarantee to remove the buildup of sediment from the floor of your water tank even when its FULL, leaving you and your family with clean, clear, safe water. 

With the design and development of our unique system we soon realised that this was a much safer, more efficient way to clean out a water tank. Our system eliminates the danger associated with getting into the confined space of a tank plus we are able to leave people with no sediment whatsoever in their water tank so there is no longer the possibility of ill health from harmful organisms living in the sediment. Everyone says the best thing is that we are able to leave them with good quality water in their tank.

After perfecting the process to take it to residential, commercial & farming properties we established "The Watertank Cleaning Company Pty Ltd" in Gippsland Victoria Australia. Ten years on, we have thousands of clients whom we have serviced and continue to do a maintenance service for them every 3 years.

It has certainly been satisfying to be able to turn up to a property where the tank water has been so bad that the owners have been unable to even have a shower due to the smell of the water, and by the time we leave they can safely drink it with no detection of smell or bad taste; only safe, fresh water !

Having over the years seen the terrible condition that most drinking rain water tanks are in, we felt that our unique system should be made more widely available to the general population of Australia. We have now organised a Licence Agreement, which will allow us to set up business opportunities for suitable applicants in other areas.

We are offering our unique invention that allows the owner/operator excellent returns, ongoing growth potential using proven equipment in a business package where we will supply all equipment necessary, initial training, use of intellectual property, advertising concepts, technical support and financial advice.

We have set up "The Watertank Cleaning Company Equipment Sale and Trade Mark Licence Agreement" which can be purchased by any one interested in running their own business. One of these Licensee`s is operating in the North East of Vic & Albury/Wodonga area and can be found by clicking onto the "Our Licensee" page of this website. His name is Stuart RUDOLPH and he can be contacted for services in this area by calling 0418698371 or 02 60271724

Another Licensee is operating as "The Watertank Cleaning Company NSW". Their names are Owen and Fiona O`ROURKE who live in Maraylya, Sydney. Their phone numbers are 1300 762 477. You can view their website at www.watertankcleaningcompany.com.au 

In September 2008 another Licensee started up as "The Watertank Cleaning Company Central Queensland". Their names are Tony and Sue MAY who live with their seven children in Calliope near Gladstone. They can be contacted on (07) 49757965 and 0417141263.  All the best in your new venture!

We have also set up a business in Perth, Western Australia. The operator is Mal PENALUNA who is trading as "West Australian Watertank Cleaning Company" and can be contacted on 0407526535.

As of July 2012 another Licensee started up as “The Watertank Cleaning Company Central Victoria” (Gisborne, Geelong, Shepparton). Their names are Paul SYLVIA and Mark GRAY. They can be contacted on 0437676689. You can view their website at www.watertankcleaners.com.au.

The WHITE PAGES thought our innovative system was so unique it has featured a picture on the front cover of our VO1Y area (Bairnsdale) 2004/05 White Pages directory, showing us cleaning a tank. They have also written an article on the inside front cover.

•   Tanks cleaned without emptying them
•   Tanks an be FULL or low on water
•   Minimal water loss and disturbane
•   We fit covers & repair cracks
•   Water testing & free advice

Murky Water



Removal of sediment from
a drinking water tank

Clean Water

Final Result:- Clean, Clear Water!

A  terrible tank that needs a clean!