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Dr Banks and Mr Rudolph

Dr Banks and Mr Rudolph check the muck which was taken from Dr Banks' water tank. The tank was filled with sediment

Our Licensee

Servicing North East Victoria &
Albury/Wodonga Regions

Our Licensee

The Watertank Cleaning Co. has set up an owner/operator on a License Agreement in the Albury / Wodonga area to service North East Victoria. Call Stuart and Melissa RUDOLPH now on 0418698371. The following was an advert placed by Stuart in the local newspaper to let the residents of the area know about our unique system.

Vacuuming makes water clean
By Peter Wilson

Retired Chiltern doctor and farmer Graeme Banks performed the taste test on his domestic water supply yesterday and was delighted with the result.
The water was crystal clear.
Yet little more than hour earlier the water coming from the taps in his home was discoloured and "not smelling so good".
The problem was between 15 cm and 18 cm of sediment on the bottom of his 104,000 litre main tank.
Dr Banks decided to call in Mr Stuart Rudolph who operates "The Watertank Cleaning Company" - North East Region.  Mr Rudolph uses a unique system which can clean a water tank even when its FULL with minimal water loss.
"We put the special equipment onto the floor and this removes the sediment, without disturbing the sediment and discolouring the water," Mr Rudolph said.
"This system means there is minimal loss of water, whereas the only other way of cleaning out sediment is to drain the tank and then climb in with a shovel and bucket and clean it out - and that can be dangerous because you are working in an enclosed space."
"Normally when we finish, people can start drinking water from the tank straight away."
"The problem with sediment is that it is where bacteria lives and to have safe water you have to keep bacteria levels to a minimum."
"With a tank the outlet is generally about 15 cm from the bottom and that means the water is being drawn from where the sediment and the bacteria is."
Mr Rudolph said that so far he had sucked out snakes, dead bush rats, possums, birds and frogs.
He used a powerful spotlight to inspect the water in the tanks he cleaned to check for anything floating in the water.
If there was anything in the water, he treated it with Sodium Hypochlorite, and the water was safe to use about half an hour later.
Dr Banks said the sediment in his tank had accumulated during the 17 years since the tank was installed.
"When the filter started to clog and the water did not smell so good I knew there was sediment in there," Dr Banks said.
"I asked a lot of people what to do and they all said to drain the tank and get in and clean it out with a bucket and a shovel."
"I thought there had to be a simpler way and then a neighbour showed me one of Stuart's advertising pamphlets"
"I am very pleased with the result, which has also saved me most of my water and removed the danger of having to get into the tank."
"I am so pleased I am going to get Stuart to do my back-up tank as well."

Servicing North East Victoria & Albury/Wodonga Regions

Stuart & Melissa RUDOLPH
02 60271724
0418 698 371