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About Us

The Watertank Cleaning Company Pty Ltd originally formed as Cleanwater Tank Services in 1992 from an original idea that we should be able to invent a system that can clean a drinking water tank when its FULL of water instead of when its empty, so that we could still have water left in the tank after the cleaning is done.

After some thought the name change occurred in 1997 so as to better familiarise potential clients with the type of specialised service we provide; ie. the cleaning of water tanks.

Please note that we are cleaning specialists of drinking water receptacles only and our equipment is used specifically for this purpose. If necessary the cleaning implements and hoses can be sprayed and flushed with a solution of Sodium Hypochlorite to kill any bacteria that may be present on the equipment after completion of a clean that may have had water that was high in bacteria. We can disinfect the remaining water to kill bacteria in a clients tank after the cleaning process if we find that they have had a dead animal in the tank or if the water had been smelling beforehand.

We can improve poor water quality; ie, smelly, tainted or discoloured drinking water, and guarantee to remove the build up of sediment from the floor of your tank even when it's FULL, leaving you and your family with clean, clear, safe water.

If you do find a dead animal in your full tank of water we can remove the animal, vacuum the sediment etc. from the floor of your tank and then add Sodium Hypochlorite to the remaining 3/4 of a tank of water to disinfect it and kill the bacteria in the remaining water leaving you with lovely tasting, bacterial free water.

The Watertank Cleaning Company utilises a unique Australian invention which has been designed so sedimentary and other deposits are removed from the vessel with no disturbance (clouding) of the water body and with minimal water loss.

No physical entry to the vessel is required, therefore there is no possibility of contamination via the operator and the vessel can remain in service. Our access requirement for concrete lidded tanks is removal of the concrete manhole cover which we remove prior to starting the clean. Access to steel lidded tanks is by removal of a sheet of iron from the easiest place on the roof of the tank if no manhole opening is present.

The Watertank Cleaning Company can advise on methods and means of maintaining your tank water free of undesirable taste, odour, contaminating deposits, algae and harmful bacteria.

To comply with industry policy we include details of our Public Liability Insurance;
Insurer --- Zurich Financial Services Australia Limited.
Policy --- 381072789GLG.
Period --- 1/6/2008 to 1/6/2009
General Liability --- $5million (Any one occurrence)
Product Liability --- $5million (Any one period)

The Watertank Cleaning Company has many years experience in water treatment and pumping systems and can assure clients of a safe, efficient and prompt service, including quality testing and is available after normal working hours if required.

"Other services we provide:"

We can repair wall & base cracks in concrete water tanks, and, organise steel galvanised iron lids to be fitted to open concrete tanks. We also have a cheaper way of putting a cover on an open tank using weed mat. We can advise on the type of tank to use on a specific site & what position to place it in.

Water tanks should be cleaned at least once every 3 years as recommended by all the individual Australian States Health Departments, so to keep you and your loved ones healthy give me a call if you think your tank needs cleaning. Website reference http://enhealth.nphp.gov.au/council/pubs/documents/rainwater_tanks.pdf Go to page 33; "Tank Desludging" and magnify to 150%

Another very informative website that can assist in keeping your supply of tank water safe and healthy is www.dwlbc.sa.gov.au/urban/links.html#Rainwater-Tanks-Information

For more information on water quality go to www.health.nsw.gov.au/public-health/ehb/water/rainwater.html Click on Rainwater Tanks brochure.

Also try www.health.vic.gov.au/environment/water/tanks.htm

And www.ourwater.vic.gov.au/ourwater/index.htm

Remember I can clean water tanks when they are FULL and leave you with water. I can still leave water if they are low, but not as much of course.

Call me today on 0428 594 565 or send me an email from this site; my email address is info@watertankcleaning.com.au

I look forward to assisting you.      Kind regards,     Adam.

Cleaning Ivy

The Old Fashioned Bucket & Shovel Method

Removed Ivy

Root System from Ivy Bush removed from Tank

Wall Cracks

Wall Cracks Repaired in a Concrete Water Tank

Steel Lid

Steel Lid Fitted to Open Tank

Black Weed Mat

Black Weedmat used to Cover Open Tank